Dieting Sucks & Wellness is Confusing

Popular diets and fads leave people lost in a sea of health and nutrition ideas that don't take them to wellness.

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dieting creates confusion - 2

Confusion Rules

with simplistic & incomplete solutions and misleading labeling from the food industry.

wasted time on building menus - 2

Time is Wasted

when Health Coaches and Wellness Professionals are forced to create custom eating programs for each individual client. 

big marketing money on dieting ads

Big Marketing Money

pours into promoting celebrity and packaged solutions ignoring individual dietary needs.

Helping clients achieve better health is impossible without the right nutrition

...but building customized plans for every client is a heavy burden.

Having a done-for-you food plan in your coaching toolbox can free you to focus on great coaching and the needs of the whole person. 

Does Your Practice Need...

Rising above the confusion requires a proven and simple-to-use plan, without endless creation of menus and diets from scratch.
  • A Food plan that your clients love?

  • Organized recipes that deliver the right nutrition?

  • Ready to use menus and shopping lists?

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Something for Your Clients!

We tell our clients to read labels. But that can be a confusing and daunting chore until you "learn your stuff".  Here is a quick guide for your clients to take to the store.

Wellness Never Comes from One-Off Solutions

Yet the diet and food industry continues to promote products and ideas that fall short, and even result in further damage to health.
partial answers to dieting questions

Shallow or Partial Answers

They promise

a magical key to unlock all the health answers.

But deliver

little benefit and may even cause more damage.

restrictive dieting

Harsh, High Restrictive Diets

They promise

a plan that will cure you.

But create

the "yoyo effect" that reinforces failure.

DIY dieting

Do-It-Yourself Programs

They promise

real help from celebrities and "expert" programs.

But provide

general guidance that may not fit the individual's needs at all.

People need wellness solutions they can live with

and a pathway to health they can sustain