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A Smarter Way to Help

Give your community a proven healthy eating program, packed with easy-to-prepare recipes, shopping lists, and menus. Help better - while you earn more.

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Diets Fail when Food Confusion Reigns

Your friends and clients need to change the way they eat to reach the health outcomes they want to achieve. They face confusing labels and deceptive products, bad habits, plus an endless list of celebrity suggestions in the check-out aisle, television, and bookstore.

Does the endless chase for recipes leave you overloaded?

The burden of creating your own menus, sourcing recipes that you trust, and organizing them while truly helping people you care about transition to a healthier food lifestyle takes more than a pdf you copy or a book you share.

You can end up recommending the same confusing list of resources as those that you coach - but they desperately need to change their relationship with food.

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Helping Smarter, Earning More

Make your love for healthy food something the you can share, or add to an existing client base. You'll help your community build a foundation of healthy, simple food that they cook at home. This complete healthy eating program allows you to easily customize for special challenges and includes everything you'll need.

Put Taste Success to Work in Your Community

Build a foundation for healthy eating with this done-for-you, easy to share program.
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1. Become a Guide or Facilitator

Sign your practice up for Taste Success to gain access to the cookbook, recipe packs, menus, shopping lists, and other resources.

2. Make it Your Own

Deliver Taste Success to your existing network or add it to a wellness practice

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3. Help People Find a New Path

Help your clients on a new path as they build a foundation of healthy eating with this easy-to-use program.

Offer the Nutritional Support Your Clients Need